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Multiple Openings at Bangalore-based Sattva

Sattva works towards realizing sustainable social impact on the ground. Their work today spans over 15 States in India on areas ranging from livelihoods and value chain development to sanitation, health, skill development and education. They work with diverse stakeholders in the ecosystem, from corporations to non-profits, through their practice in strategy, realizing operational outcomes, knowledge creation and impact assessment.

Sattva is looking for people – folks passionate about social impact, high-calibre professionals who can roll up their sleeves and get work done, can adapt to the challenges of working in emerging ecosystems with multiple stakeholders, are willing to travel, thrive in an atmosphere of learning and truly enjoy working with organizations to help them make substantial achievements towards social impact.

Here is the list of current openings:

The Consultant will participate in design and building of solutions that address our customers’ needs and create lasting social impact. The Consultant will lead stakeholder engagement, analysis and presentation of synthesized outputs and recommendations based on both primary and secondary research and be responsible for delivering key advisory projects in social impact. More details.

Associate Consultant
The Associate Consultant will work closely with senior team members at Sattva to assist in on-ground execution and delivery across multiple projects working with social businesses, non profits and corporates, across the areas of Education, Employability, Rural ecosystem and Urban ecosystem. More details.

Senior Business Writer, Sattva Knowledge
Sattva is building a knowledge product that can support leaders in corporations, the impact sector and those in the ecosystem to make significant advancements towards sustainable social impact.
The Senior business writer and researcher must be able to create and edit in-depth case studies, whitepapers, interviews, reports and multimedia material on social impact. More details.

To apply for any of these positions, write in with your CV and a write-up to hiring@sattva.co.in

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About Vidhya Mohankumar

Vidhya Mohankumar is an architect and urban designer with over a decade of work experience in India, Ireland and the United States and a passion for creating livable cities. She is the founder of Urban Design Collective (UDC), a collaborative platform for architects, urban designers and planners to create livable cities through participatory planning. Vidhya also advocates sustainable development through training and capacity building programmes for various stakeholder groups and also within academia through her association with a number of universities as guest faculty. In other parallel albeit real universes, she is a wishful artist, an avid wanderer, a constant gardener and a newly enthused cook.


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