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Opening for City-Based Urban Researchers in Belgaum

The New York University (NYU) Stern Urbanization Project—in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat) and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy—is undertaking a major global study entitled The Land and Housing Survey in a Global Sample of Cities in preparation for Habitat III, the global conference on housing and sustainable urban development, now scheduled for October 2016.

City-based researchers in 200 cities are sought to help meet the key objectives of the Land and Housing Survey in a Global Sample of Cities by contacting knowledgeable people, consulting available documentation, and recording complete, reliable, and up-to-date. This information will be used to answer questions on the two survey instruments that make up the land and housing survey:
(1) the survey of the regulatory regime governing residential land and housing; and (2) the survey of the affordability of residential land and housing.

The Land and Housing Survey in a Global Sample of Cities is part of a larger effort to monitor the state of the world’s cities in a scientific manner, so as to enable municipal and national governments, as well as civic groups and international organizations, to engage more effectively in evidence-based planning and policy-making. The global sample of 200 cities is a representative sample of the 4,000+ cities and metropolitan areas that had 100,000 people or more in 2010.

This research will be conducted under the supervision and overall guidance of Shlomo Angel, Senior Research Scholar and leader of the NYU Urban Expansion Program.

It is expected that the City-Based Researcher can complete the two surveys in one to two months. The City-based Researcher will submit the initial results of the research to NYU for initial review within one month from the time the Agreement is signed and that final results will be submitted within two months from the date the Agreement is signed.

Scope of Services:
The City-Based Researcher will perform the following duties related to the Land and Housing Survey in a Global Sample of Cities:
A. Study the map of the city provided by the research team so as to ensure that the responses of the Regulatory Survey pertain to the expansion area of the city as shown on the map, and that the responses to the Affordability Survey correspond to the entire city as defined by the outer boundaries of the expansion area shown on the map.
B. Establish contact with informants—municipal officials, real estate agents and brokers, people who subdivide and sell land, housing project developers, academics familiar with the real estate market, academics familiar with land transactions in the informal sector and in slums and squatter settlements—and compile data to answer the various questions on the two Survey instruments. When it is not possible to answer a survey question because it is unclear or does not make sense, provide notes to clarify why and to suggest possible corrections to the Survey.
C. Report on a regular basis, preferably on a weekly basis, to the survey Supervisors on progress in data collection and on difficulties encountered, if any.
D. Ensure that the compiled report is submitted electronically to the NYU database and received by NYU.

1. Resident of the city in the sample, or a city close to it.
2. Urban planner, social scientist, legal professional, former government official, journalist, or real estate professional with extensive contacts in the city.
3. Fluent in the local language of the city, and preferably in English.
4. Advanced degree preferable.

Attractive pay, commensurate with current rates in the region, and payable upon completion of the project. Researchers will also receive a certificate of completion from NYU or a letter of reference, according to their preference.

To Apply
Write to
Pritha Gopalan, Ph.D.
Research Scholar
Urbanization Project
New York University

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About Vidhya Mohankumar

Vidhya Mohankumar is an architect and urban designer with over a decade of work experience in India, Ireland and the United States and a passion for creating livable cities. She is the founder of Urban Design Collective (UDC), a collaborative platform for architects, urban designers and planners to create livable cities through participatory planning. Vidhya also advocates sustainable development through training and capacity building programmes for various stakeholder groups and also within academia through her association with a number of universities as guest faculty. In other parallel albeit real universes, she is a wishful artist, an avid wanderer, a constant gardener and a newly enthused cook.


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