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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup 016 – 13th to 19th June


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Transforming Melbourne : Are Tall buildings the best solution for a growing city?’
Authored by Max Walton

Melbourne is facing one of the biggest challenges of growing cities around the world – the ever-expanding need for affordable housing stock within the metropolitan area. While general planning theory and practice have embraced the need for density in cities, what that translates to in terms of urban form still needs to be addressed effectively in the planning process. This article argues for the need to ‘change emphasis away from maximising to optimising housing potential and shifting the conversation away from building height and back to creating great places’.

Read the whole piece here.
Published by thisbigcity.net.


‘City Observer, Volume 01 Issue 01’
Published by the Urban Design Collective
We are thrilled to announce that this week, the UDC has published the first issue of a new bi-annual journal, the City Observer. The journal aims to create a conversation about cities and to collaboratively interrogate our urban world. Setting the tone for exploring the diversity of voices, opinions and practices in urban regions across the world, this first issue has a line-up of articles about a variety of cities – from Chennai to Mumbai, Malmo and Istanbul. We hope that you will find plenty of stories to pique your interest in these pages.
Read the first issue of the journal here.



‘Charles Correa in Conversation’
By RIBA (ribaarchitecture, YouTube)
Charles Correa , one of the greatest architects in India in the 20th century, passed away at the age of 84 in Mumbai this week. Besides being a truly inspirational architect, Correa was renowned for his work and views on urban planning, affordable housing and the challenges faced by cities in India and the developing world. He has left behind an unparalleled legacy in his work. In 2013 Correa donated over 6000 drawings and 150 models from his archives to the RIBA in London, and spoke about his work and convictions in a conversation with the RIBA president. Watch it here-


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