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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup 010 – 2nd to 8th May


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Is India’s 100 smart cities project a recipe for apartheid?’
Authored by Shruti Ravindran
The ‘100 Smart Cities’ plan floated by the Modi government has come across its share of concerns and critiques in the past months. In this piece, the author  raises the question of existing social disparities widening further if the Smart Cities agenda turns into a blinkered program advocating the use of  high-technology in city management and little else by way of inclusive urban planning and design. Read the whole piece here. Published by theguardian.com/cities.


‘Design for Social Sustainability’
Authored by Saffron Woodcraft with Nicola Bacon, Lucia Caistor-Arendar and Tricia Hackett
This report from The Young Foundation, as part of the Future Communities programme, sets out a framework and online resource for built environment professionals and policymakers involved in planning, design, and creating communities and cities. It is based on an international review of new towns and communities and describes why some flourish and others fail. It finds that communities that do not work socially, at best fail to flourish, or at worst, spiral into decline. Critically, it finds that support services and interventions need to be designed at the right time for communities to function well in the long term, and provides practical advice about understanding how communities function socially.
Read it here.


Episode 03 – Smart Cities
By The Day Before Tomorrow
Keeping with the theme of Smart Cities, this episode of ‘The Day Before Tomorrow’ extends the conversation by investigating ‘how people are using technology to intelligently manage resources, change people’s behaviour and create a more pleasant environment.’ Watch it here-


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